Fire in the belly – Digestive Medicine Masterclass

fire in the belly 6
Saturday 2nd March; 10am – 4pm

At the The Lamppost Café, Burrs Country Park, BL8 1DA Bury

Digestive problems are a massive problem in today’s society and can be the root cause of many other seemingly unrelated medical and psychological problems. This Weeds and Wild Medicine master class takes a closer look at the digestive system and how natural medicine and herbs can help. Herbalists Edwina Hodkinson and Danielle Kay lead this Weeds and Wild medicine master class exploring herbs that can be helpful for the digestive tract as well as learning to work with the microbiome, prebiotic and fermented foods. There will be a practical element to this class in making medicines as well as full instructions into fermenting foods and making a sauerkraut and brine to take home and look after. There will also be some discussion about GAPs protocol and food allergies. The cost of this class is £70 and includes all handouts, products made and the small jars of sauerkraut and vegetables brine to look after and eat at home. Pre booking essential

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