Welcome to Weeds and Wild Medicine


Reconnect to our native (and sometimes not so native) wild medicines. This 8 day course is based in a permaculture project with access to the woodlands and grasslands of Towneley Park. We run the course for one day a month and follow the turn of the seasons. Working mainly outside, we learn to identify wild medicinal plants and follow their growth and change from early spring to late autumn and utilising them in medicine making and wild food. Guided by two qualified and experienced Medical Herbalists, you will learn to make salves, creams, vinegars, tinctures, lotions, herbal oils, honeys, elixirs, teas, nettle beer, fruit leathers, glycerites, hydrosols, flower essences, dandelion coffee, wild garlic pesto,  and more; some of which you will be able to take home for personal use.


13 weeds 2018



12 Responses to Welcome to Weeds and Wild Medicine

  1. Cyril Bailey says:

    Can’t waite to start learning


  2. Jenny Blackburn says:

    Hi there.
    I would like to participate in this coarse but need a few details
    Where in England is it being held Is it near an airport and if so which airport
    Distance from airport to your premises
    What times each is it on
    How much does it cost
    Thank you Jenny


  3. margaret lord says:

    surprised to find you operating from towneley; Iam a member of the bee club who use the permaculture centre for meetings and would be interested in joining the course; I live in burnley


  4. Blaise goldhawk says:

    Hi can you book me on the course please for next year and send me details.
    Blaise goldhawk


  5. HI Edwina, can I have a booking form for 2019 when you have them. Thanks Anne


  6. Hi Anne.. I’ll message you one x


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