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Edwina Hodkinson BSc(Hons) MNIMH HMAR

I have a background in nursing, spending some time as a ward sister before working in natural health for the last 20 years. I’ve worked in many places as a complementary practitioner including Bury hospice, Bury Cancer Support centre, the Christie Hospital and the Creative Living Centre. I trained as a medical herbalist at Central Lancashire University after following a lifetimes passion of being in wild nature and being interested in our wild medicinal plants. I enjoy wild crafting wild plants and making medicines from nature. I have led many wild medicine walks for lots of different groups around the North west and run workshops on making medicines with groups.

I have a private practice as a Medical Herbalist, Gaps practitioner, Reiki practitioner , Aromatherapist and Reflexologist seeing a wide variety patients as well as teaching for many years on natural health. for the last 18 months I have  worked as part of the Wild Sistas running outdoor  herbal clinics to support people living on anti fracking camps as well as working in Herbal First Aid at festivals. I also have a City and Guild in teaching and assessment.

I feel strongly that Herbal Medicine is the medicine of the people and an important part of our culture and human heritage. It is sad that we have lost most of this knowledge and skill and that the thread of our wise healing knowledge held only by a few. This is the reason why I love teaching “Weeds and Wild Medicine” and get great pleasure to see people learning about our wild medicinal plants  and using them.

My website is edwinahodkinson.wordpress.com.

Danielle Kay BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine MNIMH


I have always been fascinated by plants, nature, the human body and health so it is no surprise that I ended up becoming a herbalist.  My passion is reconnecting people with nature and empowering them to take charge of their own health and well-being.  Since qualifying from UCLan in Preston in 2011, I have been working hard to turn my dream of bringing herbal medicine back to the people into reality.

I have worked in a wide diversity of settings.  My herbal practice in my home town of Barnoldswick, Lancashire is ever expanding, and patients often travel far and wide to come and see me. After graduating I worked at the Otley Apothecary for 3 years, providing over-the-counter herbal medicine.  I regularly run workshops, training sessions, do walks, talks and events about herbalism.  This year I am running several residential herbal weekends.  I also provide herbal first aid at festivals during the summer.

My first degree is in Environmental Science, and I consider the health of the environment to be fundamental to our health as a society and as individuals.  Because of this, I am one of the “Wild Sistas”, a team of Medical Herbalists involved in the anti-fracking movement.  In an effort to protect our land, water, air and therefore health, we have been running a herbal clinic on fracking protest camps around the north in Salford, Hull and Upton, to look after our wonderful earth protectors.

Herbal medicine can bring health, harmony and balance to people on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  It can have profound and far reaching effects.  I work with my patients to try and identify the roots of their illnesses, then, by using herbs, nutrition and counselling techniques, I empower them to take greater responsibility of, and care for their own health.  I have successfully treated a wide range of health problems, such as menopausal symptoms, migraines, chronic fatigue, anxiety, low mood, burnout, IBS and other digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, acne, skin complaints, asthma, urinary problems, candidiasis plus a whole lot more.

I love being a herbalist!  It’s the most fulfilling and satisfying job in the world!  For more info see http://www.daniellekay.co.uk or find me on Facebook/Danielle Kay Medical Herbalist


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